AC Calculator
The way this works is you use Study Creature (Warrior) to determine creature's health. You then use the Howl Trinket to damage the creature. You record the damage done a second time with Study Creature. Enter the values for your current Intelligence and the value for the Damage done. Click Basic if the creature's defense is Earth/Fire/Wind/Water/Nature(Undead)/Metal(Wood). Click Dark if Dark defense. Click Light if Light defense. Click None if None defense.
Creature AC :
Intelligence :
Damage :
A few values to try: Howl Trinket with 133 int does 850 damage to Draco Hatchling in Pravat, 133 int does 266 damage to Carnun Champion in Undine Fields. Both are Basic elements. Howl Trinket does 59 damage to Tiny Floppy in Floppy Fields (Dark defense). Find out their armor class.
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