Law Fragment Appearance

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The Law Fragment event appears on occasion and does not have a schedule or timeline. During the event, you can enter a dangerous hunting area for a chance at defeating Law. Law is deadly and spawns a full surround of Dark Aislings around him who are tough in their own regard. There are 5 maps to the Grass Battle Fields:
Grass Battle Field 1 is the largest map and contains two sets of Dark Aislings, one set level 10 and the other 30.
Grass Battle Field 2 is much smaller and contains Dark Aislings of level 60.
Grass Battle Field 3 is much smaller and contains Dark Aislings of level 80.
Grass Battle Field 4 is much smaller and contains Dark Aislings of level 99. These Dark Aislings are very tough, can kill most low health players with one attack, have near max armor class (-97), and millions of HP. You can get 5,000 Ability Points per kill on top of exp rewards.
Grass Battle Field 5 is identical to Grass Battle Field 4 with the apperance of Law roughly every 13 minutes. Law himself spawns 8 dark aislings as he appears, has extremely tough magic resistance, can do tens of thousands of hp in damage in one attack, and has well over 35 million hp. Killing him will provide 100,000 ability points as well as one of several rewards:
Greatest Experience Mushroom
Greatest Ability Rune
Double EXP/AP Bonus [2]
Water Dungeon Chest
Ability and Experience Gift 1
Lumen Amulet